We make it our business to get your business talking.


Today’s successful brands realize the importance of strong communications to their bottom line success. Whether its internally-focused communications to keep your employees trained, aligned and inspired or externally-focused communications to advertise, attract and engage your customers.

At michaelchahine legal & communications we blend thoughtful strategy, compelling communications and substantial legal advice to advance your impact on the world.

A Munich-based strategic communications firm, we draw from 12 years of professional experience and expertise on an international scale. We combine the science of law with the art of communication to give a voice to your passion in the global market.

Given our integrated approach to strategic communications, we are also well positioned to advise executive teams, boards of directors and other senior decision-makers on how best to address – from a communications perspective – the opportunities, threats and challenges presented by issues that affect enterprise value.



Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our 12 years of advocacy.

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michaelchahine is a Munich-based law firm providing strategic communications planning and advice around the world.

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